Shaggylocs7 contact info...

Shaggylocs7  contact info...
[ 407 ] - 967 - 8596

SHAGGY - LOCKS TEXT EXPLORER: ( Take Control Of Your Locs.)

Shaggy - Locks (407) – 967 – 8596: Hair inter-locking specialist/ dreadlocs, by a master locktician. To start-up locs with woolly textured (Negro hair), the length must be at least 4 inches all around the head.

We also do re-tightening. For the knotty look call Shaggy – Locks & say, Shaggylocs! Shaggylocs!! Shaggylocs!!! Feel free to call our 24 hour voicemail service. Same day priority scheduling maybe available. So call now. We are Central Florida’s leader in Latch-hook / Inter-locking. We also do start-up micro-locs as well as maintenance of them.

Shaggy – Locks is a top-notch [private seating] home based natural hair care setting that is owned; & operated by our Florida operations, public relations specialist: Shaggylocs!!! The Inter-Locking system is one of the fastest natural hair locking methods in the world of dreadlocs. Please feel free to call for a free consultation today. So don’t delay & call now for priority scheduling as soon as possible to select the time & date of your appointment. Here’s that number again, (407) – 967 – 8596 for more info... thank you!

1. All hair types are welcome.

2. We even welcome healthy chemically relaxed hair.

3. Chemically relaxed or natural straight hair must be at least 12 inches, or more all around the scalp.

4. We also specialize in all size locs: micro, small, medium, large, & extra large.

5. All you need to do to maintain locs is to wash & oil them once a week; then come to us every 3 to 5 weeks & have your locs re-tighten.

6. We're setting the sage for today's micro-locs. Micro-locs offer almost limitless styling possibilities.



[ Saturday closed ]

Shaggy - Locks Address:

Shaggy - Locks is located in the 750 Plaza... 750 South Orange Blossom Trail, suite # 133 Orlando, FL 32805

Phone Number:

(407) 967-8596 /Central FL area


Our aspiration is to offer you a relaxing, refreshing, and rejuvenating experience. We are a private (V.I.P) seating natural hair specialty suite. We offer one on one service. We specialize in natural hair care for locs. We offer: starterlocs, diverse inter-locking methods, crochet method of inter-locking as well, loc maintenance, loc repair, loc extensions permanent and temporary, loc pruning, loc budding of the tips, and will loc chemically treated hair and much more. We also offer private skill courses in THE ART OF LOCS/ Interlocking. Ask about Interlocking Basics skill course 1 on 1, and Advanced skill course 1 on 1. In these courses you will learn as well the business aspect of the Art Of Locs. These private courses are taught by Mr. Shaggylocs himself. Become a specialized Shaggylocks referred LOC STAR LOCTICIAN now by calling, (407) 967 - 8596. Our goal is to educate our clients on their locs. Free consultation by phone. Hair Interlocking Specialist/dreadlocs by a Master Loctician. For the Knotty Look, say "SHAGGY LOCKS!" Closed on Saturdays. 24 hour voice mail system. Appointment only. All healthy hair types welcome. See you soon and thank you:)

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*Shagylocs {407} 967 ~ 8596*

*Shagylocs {407} 967 ~ 8596*

This is A.K.A - Mr. SHAGGYLOCS...

This is A.K.A - Mr. SHAGGYLOCS...
MASTER-LOCKTICIAN [ 407 ] - 967 - 8596, call now for info.

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So Call Now...[ 407 ] - 967 - 8596, For Info. So Call Now...[ 407 ] - 967 - 8596, For Info. So Call Now...[ 407 ] - 967 - 8596, For Info. So Call Now...[ 407 ] - 967 - 8596, For Info. So Call Now...[ 407 ] - 967 - 8596, For Info...SHAGGY.LOCKS@YAHOO.COM* ( THANK YOU!!! )

Get the t-shirt now, for only $55 + shipping

Get the t-shirt now, for  only $55 + shipping
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